MetaZooMee Spaces

We create metaverse spaces customized to your need

Conferences / Events

Live streamed & engange visitors interact with fun Avators in your own private metaverse space.

Virtual Healthcare

Setup highly engaging & effective metaverse space which help shape the basis of how physician can interact with their patients.

Virtual Shop

We provide retailers completely customizable storefronts, in order to conduct business transactions for both virtual and real-world products.

Works on any device. Securely and Privately.

Enjoy enterprise level features to deploy your VR experiences at scale within you organization

MetaZooMee (MZM) Token

Smart Contract Address
MetaZooMee (MZM) is a rewards and utility token distributed to users who contribute to and participate in our Metaverse Spaces.
MetaZooMee has a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, distributed over five years. It integrates a variety of supply reduction mechanisms, including burning.

Metazoomee Utility

Use MZM token for transaction within our immersive metaverse spaces we host, and beyond.
Use MZM to purchase content such as NFT Avatars, metaverse spaces, images, and more in our upcoming media platform.

Our Team

Azam M

Co-Founder / CEO

Na Mo

Co-Founder / CTO

Saad M

Chief Communication Officer

Sudipto M

Director Web


  • 2021 – Q3

    Research Started to customize Metaverse space

    Technology Partners

  • 2021 – Q4

    Design & Development Phase 1

    TServer Infrastructure

  • 2022 – Q1

    Beta Launch

    Create metaverse spaces

    Design Avatars

    Auto scale server engine

  • 2022 – Q2

    Redesign Website

    Design NFT Avatars

    ERC-20 Token

  • 2022 – Q3

    Token launch

    Launch NFT Avatars on OpenSea Platform

    Design Customize Metaverse Space NFTs

  • 2022 – Q4

    Launch Metaverse Space NFTs